Why You Should Live in Noblesville

Noblesville, Indiana is arguably the best Indianapolis suburb. Here’s why we love living here!

With around 56,000 residents and a little under half an hour from downtown Indy, Noblesville, Indiana may not sound like the best or most interesting spots around Indianapolis, but those of us who live here can tell you otherwise. We’re only a short drive away from downtown Indy, but in Noblesville you’ll still get the laid back suburban lifestyle that so many Midwesterners crave. With an A+ overall grade on and rated in the top 10 Best Suburbs to Live in Indiana, it’s no wonder that we love our city so much. Read on for some of the top reasons we’ll never leave Noblesville.

The History

We may not be the flashiest or biggest Indy suburb, but we do have history that most of our neighboring cities don’t have. Founded over 150 years ago, Noblesville is older than our state capital, and in fact, rumor has it that officials chose to move the capital to Indy at the house of a Noblesville co-founder in 1820. You can still see the history as you walk through downtown, from the texture of older buildings to the various plaques scattered around town.  

The Charm

Though we have a long history that doesn’t mean Noblesville is old fashioned. We have grown and embraced change over time, but we still haven’t lost our small-town feel. Like any good Midwest city, you’ll be able to find a friendly face no matter where you go. Residents and officials alike are striving to embrace the modern while still honoring our past, and community leaders have even coined the phrase “hipstoric” to describe how we straddle those two sides.

The Family

While Noblesville is great for singles, it’s also the perfect place to raise a family. No matter what age, Noblesville has a ton to offer. We have outdoor activities at Morse Reservoir or Forest Park, or you can schedule a tee time at Harbour Trees Golf course. If nature isn’t your thing you can check out the Hamilton Town Center or Klipsch Music Center, both with plenty going on year-round. For school-aged kids, the Hamilton County School system is regularly nominated as one of the best in the state. Whether or not you decide to have kids, you can find your family here in Noblesville!

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