Unique Summer Grilling Ideas

Think past burgers and dogs this summer and try one of these out-of-the-box recipes.

Summer is just around the corner and grilling season is here! While there’s nothing wrong with a good hamburger or hot dog, but by the end of the summer even the best burgers can get old. This year grill out as much as you want and never get tired of beautifully charred food cooked on an open flame.


From New York to Chicago pizza is a true American staple. Crisp crust, smooth sauce, gooey melty cheese – who doesn’t love a good pizza? Sure you could cook your pizza in the oven or even buy a pizza stone, but this summer kick your homemade pizza game up with a grill! The high, direct heat of a grill will mimic the crispy crust of a brick oven pizza, without the hassle of having to drive anywhere. Make your own dough from scratch, buy premade dough, or even talk to your local pizzeria to purchase a round or two of dough from them. For most toppings, you’ll want to prepare them ahead of time, or if you’re keeping it simple with just some cheese or pepperoni you can cook the toppings with the dough. Toppings possibilities are endless! Go even farther out of the box and surprise your brunch guests with this Grilled Breakfast Pizza[MD1] [MD2] , and throw some bacon on the grill to cook next to it!


When you think of grilled food you don’t normally think of salads, but even the most carnivorous of people will get tired of grilled meat all day every day! Lighten up your next barbeque by offering some fresh greens on the side, but don’t stray too far from the grill. This Grilled Cobb Salad recipe makes full use of the open flame, grilling the chicken, bacon, and veggies – even the lettuce itself! If salads are a bit of a stretch for your meat-and-potato dinner guests, try something a little more hearty like this Grilled Green Panzanella Salad with grilled tomatoes, onions, and pita bread. The point is, this summer don’t forget to grill your sides and starters, not just the main protein!


While you’re thinking of more than just protein to grill, don’t forget about fruits! In addition to being grilling season, the summer months offer a plethora of delicious in-season fruits that are the perfect addition to your backyard barbeque. Stone fruit and melons lend well to the direct, open flame and the natural sugars caramelize beautifully (not to mention the impressive grill marks!). Keep in mind that you’ll want to leave the fruit pieces large or utilize skewers so they don’t fall through the grates of the grill. Also keep in mind that some fruit can easily be used in savory applications, like this Grilled Avocado with Shrimp Salad or a lovely strawberry balsamic spinach salad.


Obviously, we don’t expect you to throw liquid on a grill, but just like in a salad, after dinner cocktails can easily be elevated using the grill. Add a smoky element to your favorite drink by grilling the fruit before mixing the ingredients together, like with this Grilled Sangria, or if you prefer a simple vodka soda you can simply grill a couple limes for garnish (this also works for everyone’s favorite summer cerveza). End your dinner party in the best way possible by watching the sun set and fireflies dance around with a cold beverage in your hand, belly full and surrounded by friends and family.

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